Our mission is to lead people to discover the positive in others and become skilled in the art of teamwork. We develop inclusive teams and student bonds through high-impact interpersonal experiences that are both fun and effective.

The goals of this mission are to assist in the success of high school and collegiate teachers and administrators by:

  1. Preparing students for group projects and student organizations.
  2. Developing bonds among students to foster teamwork, stimulate friendships, promote inclusive behaviors, and even reduce roommate issues.
  3. Preparing students for the college classroom, instilling courage to participate.
  4. Laying a foundation for soft-skills development, including practice with core skills of listening, articulating a view, and suspending judgment.
  5. Prompting students to contemplate their life purpose, greatest qualities and barriers to success.
  6. Educating students on teamwork fundamentals, attributes of high-performing teams, and applied diversity in team environment.
  7. Educating your students on the link between soft skills development and their hire-ability / career success.
  8. Demonstrating your institution’s commitment to diversity.

Our Approach

Our programming is grounded in both data and experience. First, a wealth of data indicates it is becoming abundantly clear that interpersonal and team skills are increasingly required by young adults entering the 21st century workplace. “Soft skills” matter more than ever before for graduate employability and job promotion. Second, the experience of leading project teams for greater than 20 years proved the positive impacts of surfacing and accommodating team member diversity – the differences in preferred communication and behavior styles often rooted in gender, generation, ethnicity, personality, and more. The more team members can truly relate to each other, the more they will appreciate and trust each other, which is a key ingredient to generating commitment, participation, and desired results.

This experience ultimately led to development of a nationally recognized, innovative leadership development program, Masters in Diversity Awareness, which also became the foundation to Positive Diversity’s Exploring Teamwork Essentials© and Applying Teamwork Essentials©.

Our program designs also reflect the belief that student bonding is paramount to team development and that high schools, colleges, and universities will appreciate the option of bringing programs in-house to cost-effectively reach a multitude of students.

So with the support of much data and career insights, we sought to answer this question: “Knowing the leadership and team development approaches and tools used in the workplace, what would best form a foundation for team development among young adults?”

Founder bio

Scott Boone founded Positive Diversity in early 2008 after a 20+ year career with three Fortune 500 companies. The overwhelming response among young workers to a nationally recognized leadership development program - Masters of Diversity Awareness - kindled his desire to reach a wide group of young adults. Positive Diversity was thus conceived.

Prior to, as a project leader and organizational development professional, he created programs and practices that improved retention, team performance, diversity appreciation, and job satisfaction. Most notably his programs were credited with strongly influencing a 40% reduction of the voluntary turnover rate for a 2,600 person division and for helping earn his employer a highly coveted spot in Diversity Inc.'s "Top 50 Employers for Diversity." For 10 years Scott played a strategic role for improving workplace inclusion with an increasingly diverse workforce. He led teams to create an enterprise-wide diversity scorecard, the Masters in Diversity Awareness Program, the Diversity Challenge Program, and more.

Formal education includes an MBA in Organizational Change and Development from Syracuse University and a BBA, with majors in Organizational Administration and Marketing, from Miami University (Oxford).

He received Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from the Project Management Institute in 2002. He is trained and experienced in process improvement methodologies, group facilitation, instructional design, and strategic meeting design.

He has enjoyed serving as mentor, fundraiser, and community association board president. He volunteers for MYLead, a student leadership development organization, and at Bridgepointe, an organization that joins students from urban Detroit and suburban schools for a day of sharing, caring, and teamwork as they learn about world hunger and then pack over 15,000 meals to be shipped to local food banks and food-starved villages across the globe.

Laing - Collab classes audience

“I found this exercise to be an extremely powerful activity for my students, which resulted in a greater respect and appreciation for diversity and respect for each other as fellow human beings. This greater appreciation of differences made my classroom environment that much better for the entire academic year. I loved it and will be doing this again every year that I teach.”
Scott Laing
Walled Lake Northern HS