Full-day team development workshop that includes and expands upon all elements of Exploring Teamwork Essentials, plus supplies proven methods for leading change, idea generation / development, and decision-making. Great for in-tact teams.

A 3-4 hour team development program that explores the intersection of teamwork, diversity, and career success. Bonds students as they work in groups to practice interpersonal skills and discuss how preferred team behaviors (norms) can vary by gender, personality, ethnicity, and generation. Program components include educational booklet, documentary film, and student-empowered group work. Great for in-tact teams. Easy to bring in-house.

A 90-minute film and discussion event. Bonds students as they engage in interpersonal skills practice. Exercise components include very short introduction booklet, film, and student-empowered discussion. Great for roommates, class exercise, and any team that could benefit from a high-impact group orientation exercise. Easy to bring in-house!