Bonding your students with team development and group orientation experiences

that creatively blend appreciation for diversity and our common humanity

Positive Diversity's programming is grounded in the belief that the best way to develop student readiness to work in teams, live together, interact in class, and develop leadership skills is through student-empowered designs. When they surface values and beliefs held in common, they become open to each other, a critical step. When they understand and appreciate their diversity of styles and preferences for communicating and behaving in a group environment, their capacity for both leadership and teamwork grows.

Our programming will help you reach these objectives:

  1. Develop bonds among students to stimulate friendships and promote inclusive behaviors.
  2. Prepare students for the college classroom, instilling courage to participate.
  3. Prompt students to contemplate their life purpose, greatest qualities and barriers to success.
  4. Develop core interpersonal skills of listening, articulating a view, and suspending judgment on others' views.
  5. Prepare students for group projects and working in student organizations.
  6. Educate students on teamwork fundamentals and applied diversity in a team environment.
  7. Stimulate students' sense of compassion toward others.
  8. Demonstrate your institution’s commitment to diversity.
  9. Offer staff an opportunity to develop group facilitation skills (optional).

Overwhelming evidence indicates today's young adults need to develop the applied skills of teamwork and intercultural competency to succeed in the 21st century. Colleges and progressive high schools are responding with more student group projects and collaborative classrooms. Leveraging 20 years experience leading project teams and diversity initiatives at Fortune 500 companies, we are proud to bring you engaging student experiences that address the needs of students, student educators, and employers.


Almost without exception, some students will desire to continue the small group skill-building segment after it formally ends. The content is so stimulating and the bonding that strong! And studies show the development of friendships assists with retention. Experience reveals that an exploration of commonality, coupled with diversity appreciation, builds inclusion. We catalyze both and in doing so provide a critical corner piece in the complex puzzle of student soft-skills development and retention. We like to think that in a small but meaningful way we complement your existing programming and make a difference that matters!